Florida Sportsman Best Boat Buddy Davis 28

If you’ve never heard of a Buddy Davis, let us be the first to tell you: these are GREAT boats. The Buddy Davis company only makes four models, all of which are built in one warehouse, by hand. It was their goal from the beginning to focus on quality, not quantity and they absolutely deliver.

At this time, Buddy Davis has four models. Two of which have won a Florida Best Boat mention. Pretty impressive!

The 28-foot version is a great pick for someone looking to size down from a big sportfishing boat or who wants a sportfishing boat that’s more portable.


pablo (8).png


The Details

  • Length: 28 feet
  • Beam: 9 Feet 6 inches
  • Draft: 20 Degrees
  • Deadrise: 24.5 Degrees
  • Max HP: 600

This boat cuts through chop easily, but also softly. So softly, in fact, that you can sit in the bow at top speeds. Its interior is fully customizable and cushions can be removed for more fishing space.

You may not need any extra space, though. Each of its 28 feet has been optimized for peak storage and fishability. It boats fish boxes in the front and the back, as well as center console bait and tackle box.

The hard-top console has a built-in head, with lots of room for extra storage. Want to know more about these built-to-order center consoles? Watch the video below.

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