Florida Sportsman Best Boat 25T

Large-scale tournament boats are hard to afford unless you have a corporate sponsor. The Contender 25 T is an exception to that rule. Though smaller than most professional’s tournament boats, the 25T was built like a 40 footer.

This best boat winner is Contender’s entry boat into their big-boat built models. It has a three-part capped hull built for space and speed. It’s V-shaped hull with a 16-inch deadrise cuts through rough water like a knife.


Florida Sportsman Experts Rick Ryals and George Labonte were impressed with its well-thought-out storage options and new center console design. The center consoles rounded lines and compact (without being smaller) console blew them away.

That rounded center console design may be one of the characteristics that make this boat so fast. With a 400 HP max and 176 gallon capacity, you can spend the entire day out on bluewater.

If you’re looking for a hardcore fishing boat to take to tournaments or you’re just really serious about your personal fishing game, this boat should be a contender in your search.

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