2017 Florida Best Boats Pt.1

What can we say about 2017 other than . . . what a year! Now that it’s over, we wanted to take a look at all the boats Rick Ryals and George LaBonte loved (those we sell).
A Florida Sportsman Best Boat rating is one of the highest honors you can get in this industry. The editors rate three boats an episode in different size/price classes for the good of boat buyers.
“The premise of Best Boat isn’t to say which is the best boat, but to help you find the “best boat” for you. Based on what type of fishing you’ll be doing, where and with how many people. The editors will cover key features in each boat helping you determine what’s important to you. Helping you determine what’s the best boat for me.” – FloridaSportsman.com
We at Waylen Bay Marine don’t carry every boat brand they review, but we’re proud to carry the 2017 Best Boat winners below.

Sundance B20 CCR

This 19′ by 10″ boat has a beam of 7′ 10″ and a draft of 6″. Its eight-person capacity is great for families, it’s fully lined and easy to clean.
Tired of having to detail your boat all the time? This spray-down and clean boat is for you. It’s a great starter boat for lower price ranges or a low-maintenance choice for someone who wants a tow and go boat.
Fishing feature-wise, it’s pretty good for its size. The room on board is all used efficiently, but it’s not stuffed with features.
That said, it still has enough fishing features for a day’s worth of fishing. The boat has two separate livewells and an insulated cooler in the console driver’s seat. Contact someone or get more details about this boat HERE.

Contender 30ST

The Contender 30ST was designed to fish the roughest of waters. with an impressive draft of 18 inches and a deadrise of 24.5 degrees. This thirty footer doesn’t skimp on width to make up for her length. It’s 9’6′ wide and a massive 29″8′ feet.
Seating is abundant as well, depending on the package you choose. Choose between an open bow and contoured bow seating, based on your priorities. The front console seat fits two, while the driver’s seat folds out into two individual seats.
pablo (6).png
Storage wise, this 30 ST has you covered. There’s 560-quart floor fish box in the bow, and two matching 300 quarts in back. There are three live wells, one 60 quarts and two twin 50’s in the transom.
Fighting big fish? This baby has a good toe kick on the deck, to help you hold your footing. All in all, this boat does everything a 40 footer could do, at a 30ft price. Contact someone or get more details about this boat HERE.

SunDance DX22

Florida Sportsman’s expert boat reviewers George Labonte and Rick Ryles loved Sun Dance’s high capacity 22-foot offering. They named it a high return on investment and an “all around good boat for what you want to do on the water”.

Centered live wells, bait stations, and insulated fish boxes make this boat a must for any angler. The boat is fishable from the bottom up, with diamond non-skid patterns in the lining.



Open up the backrest of the console seat for your tackle station, located in the driest part of the boat! The boat comes rigged for a trolling motor, so it’s for a flats trip. The driver’s console seat backrest even reclines for backward facing fishing.

When you’re ready for a break, take the shallow water anchor out of its locker and throw it down. You can unbutton the back seats and have a party of 10 sitting comfortably.

Waylen Bay Marine can make this boat to fit all your needs, with Sun Dance’s large and customizable feature packages. All you need to do is give us a call or send us a message!

SeaBorn FX21

The FX21 is an entry-level bay boat, without the incohesive feel of most boats in its price range. It’s not an empty shell priced to attract you then not come with any standard features. This boat is usable and enjoyable right off the lot!

Rick Riles described this boat, “easy like Sunday morning”. He was referring to the price point and the impressively smooth ride. When George took the boat out for a drive, he looked for wakes and waves to test the smoothness of the ride. He found that no matter the chop, this FX21 rode over with ease.

pablo (7).png

Though it’s built for fisherman, the FX21 has options for family riding as well. There are seats in the stern that fold out so the kids can access the safest and most comfortable place in the boat.

If the water is too rough for casting decks, there’s enough room inside the boat for multiple people to fish. Once you’re done for the day, throw your catch in the insulated fish box and lock up your rods in the onboard storage.

Contact one of our sales people about this awesome model HERE.

Glasstream 260 TE

 By category, this is a bay boat, but you wouldn’t necessarily know it by looking at it. The center console size and walkability make it look less like the fishing machine it is, at first glance.
It was built for fishing, despite its center console appearance. The front casting deck is 8.5 feet wide, with plenty of room for two fishermen. The casting deck is recessed a little, so no one has to worry about walking off the boat.
There’s a centered weight live-well in the front and back of the boat, matched by an insulated fish box. There are plenty of rocket launchers lining the top of the center console, so you’re free to take a break.
According to the experts, this boat rides like a dream and expertly handles rough waters inshore and outshore. If you’re looking for a sports fishing boat with a little less “angler-only” appeal, this 260 TE is the best choice for you.

Buddy Davis 34 CC

Like all Buddy Davis boats, the entry on the exaggerated bow flair cuts chop like a knife. This particular model was made to fight the dangerous inlets of the outer banks, and boy does it deliver. The 34 CC can handle rough water and feels like a big sportfish boat at a more reasonable (and affordable) size.
The layout of the interior of the boat is very open, even accounting for the large (and tilt-able for wire access) center console. The console seats convert for sitting and leaning, with live bait-wells down below.
Untitled design (1).png
Need to take a break at sea? You won’t have to expose yourself to the elements. This boat’s CC has a 6′ by 6′ cabin with a toilet, sink, and handheld shower. There’s room to store supplies in the cabin without blocking access to its facilities. Especially if you got a carpenter in to build some custom shelves! (we can dream, right?)
The boat drives fast, feels stable, and proves itself “extremely seaworthy”. Learn more HERE.

Waylen Bay Marine

If you have any questions about the boats above or want to talk to someone about making them yours, fill out the easy form below. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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