Spring Start-Up Checklist: Fuel System

We’ve finally turned a spring-scented corner here in North Florida. Green buds are starting to peak out of the leaves and birds are chirping again. As the earth readies itself for spring, are you getting your boat ready to get back out on the water?

You should be. Even if you’ve taken it out a few times during the Florida winter, it never hurts to do a Spring checkup/cleanup on your vessel. Let’s start with the blood of the ship – it’s fuel.

  1. Check your fuel system for leaks. Wear and tear from the previous season or weather damage could have caused issues with fuel hoses, tank surfaces, or even hose connections. Make sure no fluid is dripping out of your system that you can see, or that there is no unusual extra smell of gas.
  2. Check Fuel Hoses – you’re looking for hoses with softness, rigidity, or cracking in their curves or around couplings and connections.
  3. Check ventilation systems as well as the engine and exhaust to make sure all are functioning properly.
  4. Avoid E10 gasoline. While it may be better for the earth, it’s not better for your boat. If you’re not sure, look for the Ethanol sticker on the pump. If there isn’t one, ask inside to make sure.

Don’t want to do that all yourself? Our service department will be happy to do it for you. Make an appointment here.

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