What Makes A Boat Great?

Find the perfect boat for you and your friends or family.

By Captain Zach Timmons
“Over my years as a charter fishing boat captain and just as a person who has grown up on and around boats, one question has been asked of me fairly often and that question is, ‘What are you looking for in a boat or what type of boat do you prefer?’ This question is not really just a one-part simple answer. There are many factors to take into consideration.”
Contender Sea Fox Bay Boats
(Above Left) The 25 Bay Contender is a versatile beast ready for anything you throw at it. (Above Right) The 24 Sea Fox Viper is spacious and shallow drafting, but also will get you offshore in a hurry.

What do you plan to do with your vessel?

“Are you just looking for a boat to cruise the rivers and lakes with a group of friends, have a family day on the water, or are you looking for vessel that was made for the fisherman and his or her needs to go out and return safely with the bounty of the sea?”
“For me, being a charter fishing boat captain, I am looking for a boat that in a way combines the best of all worlds. I take everyone on the water, from the novice angler, children, to the seasoned fisherman that know what they like in a fishing machine. I have to have a boat that accommodates a plethora of clients and a wide variety of fishing situations, so we can assure a fun-filled, safe day on the water.”

Boat Bow Features Contender SeaFox
(Above Left) The 25 Bay Contender offers a large lounge but still provides a stabile casting surface for bringing in bait. (Above Right) The 22 Sea Fox Viper has a large casting deck riddled with insulated convenient storage.
Do You Have a Need for Speed?
“To provide the most fishing time possible for my clients, my boat has to be rather fast, so I can get to fishing spots quickly.”The Bigger the Better? Not Always.
“My boat has to be in the 22-26 ft. range. This allows me to take clients off the coast and out to 30m. That being said, the boat must also have a dry stable ride. You don’t want your friends and family beat up and all wet by the time you get to the fishing spot.”
“Then you have those days where you just can’t make it off shore so your only option is to fish the intracoastal waterway. On these days my boat must be able to get into shallower creeks and flats. That means my boat must have a smooth dry ride for off shore and the ability to go in water under 14 inches or so.”How Much Seating is Enough?
“I have to have seating available for up to 6 people, so flip up seating in the stern of the boat is a must. The rear of the boat is the most comfortable area to ride. Also, those 6 people have to have a place to store all of their belongings in a dry place, so my boat has to have either a large under console storage or plenty of larger under deck storage—and insulated fish boxes.”

Shallow Draft Action Craft Coastal Bay
(Above) The Action Craft Coastal Bay 24 Ace has their patented Pocket Drive Technology. Rather than directing water flow to the prop in a straight line behind the keel, Pocket Drive sends water upward. That makes it possible to mount the engine much higher than a conventional transom, so draft is reduced accordingly. When used with a jack plate the motor can be mounted even higher.
Fishing Inshore?
“Fishing inshore takes a different style fishing approach. My boat has to have a lot of raised deck space in the stern and bow areas for throwing cast nets and for clients to stand on to fish. When you throw that cast net you have to have a place to put the bait you just captured, so a large live well is also a must have.”What’s the Perfect Boat for Captain Zach?
“In a nut shell the perfect boat for me and my business is a bay boat. They are made to mix the variety of fishing practices that I do on a regular basis, from 30m offshore to 14 in. of water back in the creeks. They have plenty of storage, lots of flip up seating (with cup holders!), large casting decks, and plenty of live wells.”“All of this being said, there are still many different options and uses for all the different types of boats out there. You have to pick the one that suits all of your needs, I am sure the perfect boat for you is out there.”

First City Fishing


Capt. Zach Timmons
                                                                                                                                                First city fishing charters
220 Sea Fox Viper
Ready to Find Your Perfect Fit?
Contact our experienced team at Waylen Bay Marine to help find the perfect boat for you, (904) 217-3778.

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