April Fishing Report

No Foolin’ This Month!

Oh the feeling of longer spring days! With warm air temperatures also comes warmer water. This month it’s broken down into three different areas to so let’s get started.


If you follow me on Facebook, you already have seen that the Redfish bite has been nothing less than incredible!! There are plenty of under slot, slot, and over slot fish to bend a rod on. Trout fishing is good and Pompano have made for a welcome addition in and around the Saint Augustine inlet. Right now the bait to use are Shrimp and Mud Minnows. Currently Flounder fishing remains slow and will be until May L.

Near Shore

The bait pods have arrived on the beach! (AKA Pogies). Throw out the cast net and fill up for live well.  Your next step is to rig up some rods with a “sliding sinker rig”. That is about a 3 oz. egg sinker, swivel, and about two feet of 50lb. test onto the end of a 5/o or 6/o circle hook. Hook the Pogie through his nostrils, drop him back under the Pogie pod, and hold on tight!!! Big Red’s up to 40 lbs. and sharks are headed your way. Note*, have a spare rod ready just in case a Cobia joins the party.


Get the grill ready!! This month the Mahi bite will be kicking of big time. Skirted ballyhoo trolled at 7-10 knots will do the trick on these acrobatic, hard fighting fish. Unfortunately, the Wahoo bite will begin cooling off as the warmer Gulfstream waters move in. FYI, Bottom fishing is going great for different Snappers, Triggers, and Amberjacks so don’t miss out!

Have a great month of fishing and get out and bend some rods!

See You On The Water,
Capt. Scott Shank
Full House Fishing Charters

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