Waylen Bay Marine Exclusive Gift Guide Pt. 2 Clearwater

This is the Clearwater/Tampa version of this post, for St. Augustine click HERE.

We all know that person who has everything. It makes them a great time to be around, but impossible to shop for! How can you get them something that they’ll appreciate and that won’t get returned or thrown in the garage?

You get them an experience. Something they can do – hopefully using all of their abundant stuff. Yes, it may be hard to schedule with their busy lives, but you can’t beat the impact of gifting someone a happy memory.

At Waylen Bay Marine we’re  big believers in experiences. Having them, giving them, and selling people the boats to have them on. In that spirit, we’ve partnered with multiple charter captains who are masters of memories on the water.

They’re all special to us, so we’ll let you choose who to pick below. We’ve listed them in alphabetical order below.

Captain Chuck Rogers with FinSanity

“Whether you are a new angler still learning, or a seasoned expert, Captain Chuck and Fin-Sanity will ensure you have the time of your life on your Tampa Bay fishing charters. So come aboard and enjoy inshore or offshore fishing aboard a 24′ custom Bay Ranger. It’s fully equipped for up to four anglers.

We have a 365-day fishing season, so pick a date and let’s head out on some of the most productive saltwater fishing waters anywhere in the world. Fin-Sanity specializes in snook and redfish charters, though we don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of seasonal bites. Pompano, cobia, sharks, mangrove snapper, flounder, Spanish mackerel, kingfish, grouper and a variety of other species are taken on our Tampa Bay fishing charters. Just ask about what’s biting and we will fill you in on the best action available. Let us know if you are a beginning angler or experienced, live bait or artificial preferences, as we tailor perfect Tampa Bay fishing charters based on the client’s needs.”


Captain Heimes with Tampa Bay Fishing Charters

“Depending on the season, we can fish for Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Trout or one of the many other species our local waters have to offer. If the fish are up to it, there is nothing like an inshore Grand Slam!  I could tell you what it’s like seeing a school of tailing redfish on a flat or feeling the drag burning run of a big Tarpon, but these are all things you need to experience for yourself, and the memories will last a lifetime.

I supply you with top quality light tackle and take the time to help new anglers and kids learn some of the tricks and techniques I have learned over the years.  This helps everyone on the charter have more fun and catch more fish so bring the kids and have a special day fishing with them!

Do you need a Day Away… call now to reserve your Florida fishing charter and let’s go catch some fish on the scenic Gulf Coast.”


Captain Justin with All American Fishing Charters

“Tampa Bay was not always as much of a world-class fishery as it is today. In the 1970’s according to a lot of Charter Captains, it was actually pretty tough. Due to lack of bait in the area caused by over fishing. There are a bunch of theories behind why the bait fish population dropped so drastically back then but it seems poor regulations on purse-sieners where at the top of the list.

Anyway, when the there is no bait, there are no fish. So new laws were put into place and the recovery effort started. Now the bait fish population has exploded and so has the number of game fish in the bay area. I am telling you the fishing here is truly amazing. After a day of catching fish out here on the Tampa Bay flats, you totally forget you’re surrounded by about 3 million people!”

pablo (5).png

Swift Fish Charters

“Swift Fish Charters is owned and operated by Captain Tim Whitfield and is the best choice to handle all your South Tampa Fishing Charters needs. A native Floridian with an easy going personality makes a day fishing in Tampa Bay quite enjoyable. Capt Tim has been plying the waters of Tampa Bay for a large portion of his life. He has quickly become South Tampa’s most sought after the captain. Just don’t mistake his laid-back demeanor for lack of effort; he really just makes it look that easy.

Fun Family fishing trips are popular with the locals as well as those vacationing in the Tampa Bay area. Kids as young as 4 are no problem. Over the years Tim has found a live well full of bait can entertain kids for hours. Trips like this are geared towards the kids, making it fun and entertaining is how we hook them for life!”




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