Florida Sportsman Best Boat: Contender 30ST

This week, Florida Sportsman editors Rick Ryals and George LaBonte took a look at Contender’s 30ST. They were pleasantly surprised by its big-boat feel and loved it’s riding efficiency. Want to know more? Read on below!
The Contender 30ST was designed to fish the roughest of waters. with an impressive draft of 18 inches and a deadrise of 24.5 degrees. This thirty footer doesn’t skimp on width to make up for her length. It’s 9’6′ wide and a massive 29″8′ feet.
Contender built multiple steps into this model, making it one of the most efficient in its class. It holds 265 gallons and maxes out at 50 mph. Even in rough waters, boaters can expect around 1.6 miles per gallon.
That’s almost unheard of for a boat of this size (calculations made using twin Yamahas).
This big boat feels big, designed with an open and spacious layout. There’s definitely room to walk around and enough storage for the best fishing days.
Seating is abundant as well, depending on the package you choose. Choose between an open bow and contoured bow seating, based on your priorities. The front console seat fits two, while the driver’s seat folds out into two individual seats.
Need more room? This contender has a rollout Frigid Rigid fiberglass cooler that locks into open position. It’ll buy you room for two more seats on your boat!
The center console is hard topped and fiberglass encased, with an emphasis on visibility. Rick Ryals said it felt like being in a fish tank, in a good way! The center console comes with enough room for two full-size displays, out of direct sight line.


Storage wise, this 30 ST has you covered. There’s 560-quart floor fish box in the bow, and two matching 300 quarts in back. There are three live wells, one 60 quarts and two twin 50’s in the transom.
Fighting big fish? This baby has a good toe kick on the deck, to help you hold your footing. All in all, this boat does everything a 40 footer could do, at a 30ft price.
Wanna know more? Come in today and look around. It’s as easy as filling out the form below!

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