The Exclusive WBM Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 1

With the Holidays coming up, Waylen Bay Marine wants to make shopping for the boater in your life easy. We know that a new boat isn’t in everyone’s budget this year, but we sell accessories that can make even the oldest boats feel new.

Whether you’re looking for safety, swag, or electronics, you’ll find it below.

1. Coast Guard Kits

When you’re out on the water, you’re there to have fun. You don’t want to think about any negative possibilities. Not to be a pessimist, but every boat needs to be stocked and prepared for the worst.

Instead of giving you some long list of items that will cost you more in gas and individual item tax, we offer safety kits. Our Coast Guard approved kits come with everything a boater needs to stay safe. Including (but not limited to) life jackets, roe, air horn, and a fire extinguisher.


2. Trolling Motors

If you don’t know, trolling motors are small, battery-powered motors. They’re meant to move the boat without scaring away fish. They come in different sizes, relative to the size of the boat.

Trolling motors make the perfect gift for inshore or shallow water fishing. If you’d like to gift one, note the make, model, and size of the boat. Then take it to your local parts shop (CW) (ST. Aug) and they can help you from there.


3. Power Poles

Like trolling motors, power poles are great for shallow water or inshore boats. These remote control powered anchors are small and silent enough not to scare fish.

They can easily be attached to any size boat and fishing wise, have a very high ROI. With a power pole in place, your boat won’t go anywhere you don’t want it to go!


4. Battery Switches

Imagine this. You’re on a boat. You’ve got your radio on, fish finder going, and trolling motor going. Then suddenly, it all dies. Your battery has run out and you’ve got to go outboard or go home.

You could carry a spare battery on board and go down into the access hole to change it. Or you could install two batteries at once with a smart switch between them.

That switch (a battery switch) can change to your spare battery when the other is getting low. You keep having fun and aren’t stuck without your onboard accessories.

If you’d like one installed, it’s best to see a professional. They’ll make sure all the wiring is perfect and nothing goes wrong out on the water.


Talk to someone in parts about getting that schedule out, here (Clearwater) (St. Aug)

5. Simrad GO9 SXE

Remember that fish finder using up some of your battery? The best fishermen are never without one. The top-level technology Simrad offers will make any novice angler able to hang with the pros.

This high-power, LED lit babies do it all. They have radar, tides, fish finding, weather, autopilot and are even wifi enabled. These units usually run at about $1200, a fair price for their abilities.

But, you could get one for as low as. . . $0.00. Since we love our clients so much, we’re doing a holiday giveaway for a Simrad GO9 SXE. There’s no catch.

It’s a free giveaway, no purchase necessary. See official rules and details on the contest page for questions. (Clearwater enter here) (St. Augustine coming soon!)


That’s all for now. Keep an eye out for the final four gift ideas next week and like our Facebook page for Black Friday pricing!

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