2017 Wahoo Challenge Results

Good weather, good fishing, and good fun were all about in St. Augustine at this years 8th annual Wahoo Challenge held at the Conch House Marina & Resort. Anglers had 2 great days to choose from though Friday did end up being a bit smoother on the water. Overall weights and volume of fish brought in were up significantly over last year with the largest Wahoo caught being over 20lbs. heavier than that of 2016. The winner and runner-up both chose Friday to fish and did a great job bringing back boat loads of delicious Wahoo!

Fratt House

The 2017 winner Fratt House weighed in two fish at 84.26lbs. & 68.56lbs. which included the largest overall fish and largest combined weight at 152.82lbs. What their secret is to success we may never know but whispers were about that they headed north off the coast of Jacksonville to find these monsters. Fratt House also went out Saturday unrelated to this tourney and struck big again with a glaringly large Wahoo catch. All I can say is these guys have the touch.

Jodie Lynn

In a not so close second but with a great bounty still was the Jodie Lynn. Already known around St. Augustine for their great offshore fishing charters, the crew and its newly found friends pulled in a 72.86lb. & 48.62lb Wahoo. These were actually among the first to weigh in and initially looked like they would reign supreme until Fratt House sailed in to the dock holding the fish to take the day.

2017 Wahoo Challenge

Even for those who didn’t place, the fishing was great all around and many people ended up with plenty of Wahoo to share among family and friends. It didn’t hurt either that awaiting anglers at the dock was a bounty of cold and refreshing Goombay Smash drinks, (Pinapple & Orange juice with a plentiful serving of rum,) which the Conch House serves up like no other. For both participants and the crowd of onlookers at the docks, the 2017 Wahoo Challenge was a great time and definitely one for the books. Make sure to keep up with all the fishing tournaments happening at the Conch House and don’t miss out on some of the most fun you could ever have.

Waylen Bay Marine is a proud sponsor of the Conch House Fishing Tournament Series. If you’re looking for a great boat and perfect fishing rig to compete on, shop online now or come to one of our two St. Augustine locations: SR 207 or US Hwy 1.

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