Conch House 2016 Billfish Invitational

The Tournament That Almost Wasn’t

The week-ending forecast was for 8 foot + seas… and we all know that’s just no fun and even potentially dangerous. It was a tough decision on what to do, but as they say, “The Tournament Must Go On.” The call was made to push back the event one day, now Friday – Sunday (Mothers Day!), to allow time for the seas to settle a bit. Moms across the country threw up their arms outraged, full-blown scowls on their faces. But alas, our brave fishermen didn’t let that stop them.

Billfish Tournament Winners
Billfish Tournament Winners Team “Lead Change”

Upon returning from a long day of fishing Friday, Captains unanimously agreed that it was no fun fishing in seas so rough. Luckily for them, Saturday calmed the seas a bit, and those who ventured out Sunday had smooth sailing. Throughout Friday and Saturday, no bills were caught. Mahi was plentiful though and made its way to the filet tables for at least some great eating.

Pez Vela Showing Off Mahi In Style
This Mahi almost didn’t make it to the filet tables! Caught by Team Pez Vela who took 2nd place overall.

With no Billfish on the board, Sunday was the last chance. Thanks to equal parts perseverance, fishing skill, and luck, one boat made it happen. Team “Lead Change” reeled in the tournament-winning Sailfish. The release was clean, clear, and confirmed by our tournament release guru, Jim!

Congratulations guys on a job well done! Thanks to everyone who participated and the Conch House Marina staff for being great as always. Don’t miss out on the fun in 2017, fill out the form below!

Signing off, your local boating sales & service friends,

Waylen Bay Marine

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